Adventure Wedding Photo Session

Adventure Wedding Photo Session

Besides my usual wedding offers in Stockholm I am offering unique wedding photography in the nature. When I don’t photograph weddings I spend time outside, make expeditions and focus on landscape photography. Did you know that I even published a book about climbing the highest mountain of every European country? During my travels I discovered unbelievable places, perfect locations for wedding pictures. 

Destination wedding photography is more and more popular every year. Couples are not only looking for photographs of their wedding day but also for pictures from unique places. Are you one of them? Join me for a trip where I’ll be both your photographer and guide at the same time. Let’s make wedding pictures of your lives. 

Would you like to have beautiful wedding pictures from arctic regions in fjords or under northern lights? Are you looking for wedding pictures from Kebnekaise, Kilimanjaro or Mont Blanc? Or do you prefer pictures from incredible beaches? Choose a location according to your taste.

How does it work?

I have a limited offer right now! Book me as a photographer for your wedding day and get the photoshoot of your dream destination for free. Since my time for travelling is limited I can provide this offer only for the first 6 clients! If you are looking for pictures from extraordinary places, don’t hesitate to call me at 070-566 96 54, drop me a message in the form at the end of the page or email me to

Where will we take your wedding pictures?

Lofoten islands - Norway

The most beautiful place on our planet is situated behind the polar circle. Sharp mountains emerging from the ocean create amazing scenery. Do you prefer pictures in summer with midnight sun or in winter with northern lights?

Ice Hotel - Sweden

Winters are becoming rare. Are you snow and ice lovers? Make a trip to the north of Sweden where you can spend a night in Ice Hotel. Besides that there is an ice chapel where you can get married. Can you imagine a more romantic place for winter lovers?

Northern lights - Anywhere in the north

Would you like to see northern lights? From September to April you have an amazing opportunity. Let’s travel to the north and let’s take unforgettable pictures under one of the most exciting natural phenomena.


Gotland is known for windmills, fantastic beaches, cliffs and special rock formations called raukar. Visit with me Swedish summer paradise.

Bled - Slovenia

The most romantic place I have visited so far is lake Bled. The chapel on the island is simply made for weddings. Would you like to get married there?


Do you think wedding pictures from the highest point of Sweden sound crazy? They are becoming more and more popular! You can even skip hiking and take a helicopter to the top. Make an adventure of your life and take wedding pictures on Kebnekaise.

Land of Fire And Ice - Iceland

When it comes to Iceland, I can’t just mention one location. There are way too many amazing spots on this incredible island. Huge waterfalls, empty beaches, deep fjords, high mountains, neverending glaciers, active vulcanoes are just  a few reasons why you should visit Iceland at least once in your life. Why not for wedding pictures?

Åre and Tannforsen

Wedding pictures from the best Swedish ski resort Åre are a dream of every passionate skiing couple. We can even connect the trip with nearby waterfall Tannforsen.

Chamonix - France

If you would like to discover the Alps, the best place to start is Chamonix. From there you can make trips in many difficulty levels and I can promise you that you will never forget the views over Mont Blanc and all the glaciers and sharp peaks around. Some places are even easily accessible by cable cars. There are definitely many dream spots for wedding photography.

Zermatt - Switzerland

There is one more village in the Alps where I always like to come back. Zermatt is similarly beautiful as Chamonix but it offers something extra. The view over Matterhorn is simply amazing.

Your dream location

Did my pictures inspire you for your wedding pictures? Have you chosen your destination? Or do you have another exciting spot in mind? Let me know.

As I said only 6 spots are available. If you are interested you can call me on 070-566 96 54, send me a message via my contact form below or contact me via